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About Me.
About Me.

This page is "About Me." Only because, most people would like to know about the creator of a web site.So, enjoy?

Hello.I'm Tiffany Rose Roberts for anyone who does not know me.So I'm supposed to write about myself.There's not much I can tell about myself in a paragraph.I'm one of those people you have to talk to, to know about me.I'm short.I have black hair with red highlights. .I live in Massachuessetts USA.(Massamachuessetts.)I play the drums and the Piano/Keyboard.I love to create music so much.I love to skateboard as well.I have some of the most wonderful friends anyone can wish of and I love them so much.I like to draw.I have pets.Dog and one cat..They're awesome.I am single..again.Don't ask me out.Especially if you're some online freak.I don't go that way..And, .Luke is one of the most best things that have ever happend in my life. I'll do ANYTHING to get him back.I'm am thirteen(13) years old.I am not a bright person.But I know what is right and what is wrong.Do not judge me untill you get to know me.I can not stand fakers at all.they annoy me.I love making my web sites and talking on msn and/or yahoo.You are entitled to your own opinion.I'll say thank you.I may not agree.You never really know.If you want to know more about me I guess you'll have to talk to me.

So there's this girl..

Her name is Tiffany.

I'm  only thirteen
I'm only a girl, but  I wish I can stay with Luke.
I'm ugly

I own too many cd's

My life isn't a fairytale
I  gets made fun of in school by the "c00l kidz"
Just because I am  different and unique.
I am  in love
My  friends mean more to me  than you ever will
I come off as a bitch or  an asshole to most people
But I'm not
I get bitched at because I'm open minded.
I act four.
I can cook kinda.
All my teachers hate me
My favourite class is um..
My fvaourite teacher is chorus teacher && Science one
I am single.But in love.




Guess what?
Wanna know more?


t.A.T.u., Mars Volta, Marilyn Manson, Kings of Leon, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance Ladytron, Queen, Green Day, Nazareth, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana,Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, Fall Out Boy, The Unicorns, Thursday, Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Sex Pistols, Black eyed peas, Coheed & Cambria, Simple plan, Metallica, Grateful Dead, Jim Morrison, Oasis Papa Roach Ted Leo & the Pharmacists Story of the Year Sublime Nine Inch Nails Ramones Silverstein Less than Jake Led Zeppelin Rolling Stones Beatles The Strokes Reptila The White Stripes System of a Down Weezer New found Glory Gwen Stefani Something Corporate Senses Fail The Chemical brothers Spitalfield Phantom Planet Coldplay Starting Line Jet Straylight Run All American Rejects Linkin Park Hawthorne Heights Switchfoot Kill Hannah Caesars Velvet Revolver The Postal service Matchbox Romance Fall Out Boy The Strokes Red Hot Chilli Peppers U2 Saves the day Smile Empty Soul The Doors Thursday Yell

 little more about me.::.

  • I’m female
  • I don't care if you like me or not.
  • I tend to fall in love to quick.
  • I am aparently a cold heartless bitch to Jeremy...
  • I can get pissed easily, and when it happens.You'll hate me too.
  • I don’t care what you think of me, because when I die I’ll stand before the only one that’s judgment matters.

  • I'm a skateboarer.But I ruined my knee three years ago in basketball.So it's hard for my to stay still.
  • But I’m also afraid of being alone
  • Luke  and Sean are my only true friends
  • Luke will always own my heart
  • I play ketboard and  drums
  • I’m going to be famous  someday, 
  • I’m impolite and I make fun of everyone
  • I’m immature but I will stay this way forever
  • I am on meds.Do not ask me why.I will not tell you.
  • I’m not tall, I’m only 4’10
:x: I really dislike kids who think very highly of themselves when all theyve accomplished by doing so is looking like an asshole.
:x: I want to meet someone deep... not just someone who can recite a few lines of poetry... but someone who over-analyzes life just as much as I do.

:x: I've played piano for 4 years

:x: I'm pretty easy to get along with, and I can be really weird and random

:x: I went through a long stage of depression... and got over some things. I don't think I've been the same person since... but, maybe it was for the better.
x: My favorite color is Green.. oh, how cliche.

:x: I have been in love once.And I still am.
:x: I play/sing random acoustic shows with my friend Sean.

:x: I love  animals .... ... it's amazing
:x: I am just about the most unorganized person you will ever meet.

:x: I am the biggest hopeless romantic you will ever meet. Ever.
:x: I am horribly ticklish

:x: I write poetry. Lots of it.

:x: Dont worry.... youre probably a whole hell of a lot cooler than I am
:x: I am a very very openminded person

:x: I hate cold weather.

:x: I will admit when I'm wrong... but if I feel strongly about something I will not give up my argument.

:x: I believe in ghosts and supernateral things. 
:x: I don't like placing people in catagories, but everyone is guilty of it.It's just meant.
:x: People need to stop complaining about how misserable their lives are when they're still a teenager. Life gets better and people change.

If you have any thoughts sites better or any suggestions please don't hesitate to E-Mail me at :::: TiffanyRoseRoberts@hotmail.com :::
 I will e-mail you back . But, I have one consern.To all of you people who think it's funny to waste your time and my time by sending me hate mail and such.Don't. I have a lot of e-mails to go through.It takes time to e-mail back.
I have about 87 e-mails right now.
So yeah, don't waste your time on chain letters&&hatemail.
GUESS WHAT........
        Please and thank you,
Tiffany Roberts.