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Okay okay okay OKAY!It's our lucky day!!We got our first three songs done and they sound like some kind of WOOT!!
I can give out the lyrics to some of our songs we're working on.And some of our poems.If you plagerize.We'll kill you.We're SERIOUS too.
I love writing poems.So, most of these are mine and Jared's poems.
           OKAY OKAY OKAY!!!!!!!!!!
Untill We Meet(On The Other Side)
I've made my mistakes
My time has come
I'm sick of it all
Why won't it stop?
I don't have a life
I'm just another screwed-up
My mind is now an open book
My heart is now an open wound
My life is now an open soul for all to see
I will die with my name
And people thinking I'm a bad kid
I wish I could tell people how I feel
Instead of keeping it all inside
My emotions stay silent
I don't know who to trust
Or who to turn to
I'm sick of it all but,
When my time has come
Will they remember?
Will they cry?
Will they find out I was already dead?
Will they move on?
It's hard to sleep
I can't help but to think the worst
Maybe if you were to give me a chance
I'll never say I hate but,
I'm low on faith
My heart is an open wound
My mind is an open book
My life is an open soul for all to see
And remember...
We will be waiting on the other side...
(Because of personaly issuse we can not say who wrote that)
"I'm Already Dead."
I can't keep doing this
I can't go on in this way
Not today.
I told you I was gone
But you're too strong
We're growing old
But not growing up
You never want to talk about the past
But, there's a secret I can't hide
I never thought I'd have to tell you
I'm already dead
Inside my head
You killed me in my sleep
With the words you never speak
I'm already dead!!
I'm blind and deaf
You're all over me
suffocating me so sweetly
So...I'm already dead!  
(Verse two)
The ground shakes when we walk
There's thunder when we talk
 Does it have to be this way?(Nobody will know)
Is everything a game?
And, do you always ahve to win?
I'm not worth anything to you.(And you're my Father, you're my brother.)
And I can't be anything for anyone.
(And you're my mother, you're my sister)
I can't exscape the feeling that I'm done
With everything I'll ever do that means a thing to anyone(BECAUSE..)
(Double Chorus)(Breakdown/intro guitar solo) (Girl & boy sing part)
There's no way out of this
You're a boy and I'm a girl
(You're a girl and I'm a boy)
So sick and tired now of everything
You keep coming back to this
You're a boy and I'm a girl
(You're a girl and I'm a boy)
So sick and tired now of everything...
(Reapeat 1 chours 3 times..)
Do you feel like your like is a dark endless abyss?
Like you will never stop falling,
And problems will never stop drawling from out of the warmness of Hell?
Do you feel like God doesn't hear you,
If he's not hear you?
If he's near
It's not clear
Because your eye are full of tainted tears?
Like is dying
And justifying death
Death is satisfying
More than just defying breathe.
How can one help me,
Wehn he just suplies a test?
How can out judge me
When there's not a normal life left..
I don't write pop music
My very first pop song
Most of my thoughts are more than three minutes long
I think I'll have to sellout
To write pop music
Maybe have a couple of pop songs 
I could write about how much I loved you
How I could never let you go
Crap like "We could always be together"
To watch the rogalties grow
You could sing like Michael Bolton
While I would make the video
Kids could use this as a poem theam
Yeah, you never really know
Or I could really let come aganst show
My Mom would be so proud
How my life will turn out
How I'd love to e a music star
With all the money and clout
But, it don't mean a thing
Yeah, I've got a lot of anger
I've got to let it out
You could hear me on the radio
My Mom would be so proud
That I've finally made somethign on my life
Hoping someone, would turn it up loud
But if you hate me in the morning
Get off my cloud
I'm writing pop music
And make no one proud 
Within Me
Water flows
Hate shows
Deep within, my soul cries
Look at me
Past my scared face
Can you see
Into this sad place?
Knowing not where I belong
Hurt fades
As you slowly kill me
Never afraid
As blood drips from your knife
"Emotions"(A song)
What do I do?
I keep all my emotions locked inside
I started to think life was a lie
Will someone help me?
'Cause, it's gone too far
I have a lot of things running through my head.
Can someone help me??
Can anyone save me??
I'm locked inside this endless pattern
Locked inside my head.
(Verse 2)
I'm sitting here
Thinkign about all the stuff we've done
We thought it was okay to do
We were young
Now we're older
Regreting the past
Hoping we were good kids
Hopign to do anything to make this right again
Can someoen help me??
Can anyone save me??
I'm locked inside this pattern
Stuck inside my head
"Go Away!!"
Go away, go away
Go,go,go away!!
Leave me alone!(Alone alone alone)
I don't like you
I never liked did
Why can't you understand that?!?
Well get used to me not talking to you anymore
And now I don't have to put up with your crap anymore!!
I don't think you ever liked me,
I don't really care.
You are just a jerk anyways,
You were never my father!!
Just because you married my mother,
But sorry, bub, But, you're not my real father..So..
I don't want to see you ever again!!
"Leave Me Be!!"
Leave me alone,
Leave me be,
Your mouth says you love me,
But your eyes says you hate me,
Don't try and deny it.
Just say the truth.
I knwo you hate me, nothing new
You tour everythign apart
Or is it all my fault?
I think I've heard it all before
You might act like you love me
But deep down, it feels like you don't
Although my hands are shaking
I lie perfectly still
I'm writing another wordles poem
 We all say stuff we don't mean,
But it still hurts,
It's always in my mind.
Wondering if it's true.
I'm told stuff everyday.
You think I hate life?
I don't,
I would never hate such a thing
This blue binder is my exscape
It holds my feelings
I'll die with my name and my peoms at my side..
But you know what?
Fuck you!I made my own plans
I've got respect, and I don't neglect,
People that I really care to protect
Am I a faliure?
If I got nothin' to loose.
NO!I'm not a faliure.
I've got something to prove
I todl you before
I won't listen anymore
Come on, lets settle this score
As another day goes by
Another fight takes flight
It's really getting confuseing,
Do I go on in this way?
Why do people fight?
What if we were all just, never angery?
I'm sick of it all
And I know you're all sick of me
You think we're a failure,
wich isn't true
I could fix this all
Just with one word
I could go away
Never to return
Make you all happy

Words That We Couldn't Say

We couldn't say them
now we just pray them
words that we couldn't say and now its just all fun and games people pay
Scratch it, paint it
one in the same

we couldn't find them
we tried to hide them
words that we couldn't say
it hurts don't it fools on parade
taint , own it
Chase it away

We couldn't make them
we had to break them
Words that we couldn't say
sometimes baby
we make mistakes
Dark and hazy
prices we pay

Words that couldn't say...
Some word that we couldn't say
might have got you all tied up
and there's no escape...

Dreaming.... before i knew it...
the Dream was over...
Did i just wake....
or was I always Dreaming...?
A dream.... what if it was all a dream...

Spike: am I just watching a bad dream...


nobody cares

I heard you on the phone

how angry I was

I wrote this song in my head

Nobody cares

You dont care

Nobody cares

I could run away

And no one would care

Try to stop me

See if I care

Try to talk to me

Yeah, you dont care

I gave you my trust

Then you turned your back

I dont even care


Nobody cares

You dont care

Nobody cares

I could runaway

Nobody would care

This is my final verse

I'm sick of life

I'm sick of you

'Cause you're full of shit

So listen to this

(nobody cares)!!!!!

You were my boyfriend

My savior my leader my friend

Now you see why I'm pissed

You'd be to if I didnt care

Nobody cares

You dont care

Nobody cares

I will runawy

'Cause nobody cares

(repeat 3x )


We know,what you're,thinking
So keep your distance,far away from me
We won't walk away
You can put an effort
But we're here to stay
(Chrous) It's all this Mental Hostility,
That is drivking us crazy
Some say we're paranoid
Which makes you wanna avoid.
(Verse two.)
You may,think that, we're crazed
We may, think that, you're weird.
We all put lables on eachother.
Causing all this Mental Hostility!!!!(SO FUCK YOU!)
(Chrous)It's all this mental hostility
that is driving us crazy
You can said we're paranoid
But we're here to STAY.
(Verse three.)
We will hold our ground
It's like the Phantom Of The Opera
Always be around, just to frighten
We're all only humans
Nothing more, nothing less
It's just all of this Mental Hostility....
That is driving us crazy...
Funny how the story goes, the innocent are the first to go/
The ones who harm remain completely calm
When someone leaves they don't conceive
The ones they loved.YOU WERE ONE OF THOSE,
You enver listened to "No"s
One thing I thought,as my mins case was fought.
An unending question, brought before my court.
Was a simple verse...
With simple rhyms.
'Why did you have to be so angry all the damn time?'


(But I write the separate poems.He's written the band band lyrics.)

Funny how it always goes, the innocent are the first to go.The ones who harm remain completly calm.when someone leaves they don't conceive.What that death does to others, you were one of those.You didn't listen to "No"s.One thing I thought, as my minds case was fought.A unending question, Brought before my court.Was a simple verse.With simple rhyms, "Why did you have to be so angry all the time?"

So todays the day that I miss you terrible I never loved a guy as much as I loved you. I remember when we first meet I remmeber also when we had our first kiss. I miss those times. I miss being with you. Please just make me a promise. Promise me you'll never forget me no matter what. If you do then I wouldn't know what to do. I miss being with you. I miss saying I love you to you. I guess it was just a mistake to ask you out in the first place. I never noticed how much I loved someone tell I meet you. You took me by suprise. A guy with such great beauty in and out. I miss you and I still think about you. I miss that accent we would share. The one where we would give each other nick names. Please don't wish for me to be dead. I already am. I'm dead without you. I know you hate me now. I know you want nothing to do with me but honestly these are the things that want me to be with you even more. I know you still think about me time to time. Even when you're with someon else. I can sence that you wish I was him. I miss being in love. I never fell in love with a guy as fast as I did with you. Girls called you hot all the time. I was the first boy ever to call you beautiful. I guess being out of love hurts me. I guess I am what you call a slut. I'm not a whore because I do not get paid, but I promise you this. I never meant to hurt you in any way. Now we don't even talk. Not even a simple hello. I hate the fact you're in love with a girl who's not me. I just wish I was dead. Please don't ever forget about me. I know I will never forget about you...

Yeah..Don't ask about that one.I wrote it for Luke.=)


O'Mcdonald sittin' on a bench, beatin' off with his monkey wrench.
Missed him beat and hit his balls.
Now he's pissed all over his overalls.
Went to a river to wash it off.
Saw a bever jackin' off.
Kicked that bever in his ass.
Never seen a bever run that fast!!
"Remember you, fallen into my arms, crying for the death of your heart,you were stone white, so delicate, so lost in the cold" - Unknown.

Haha okay.This is our Biography and what we're all about.So HAHA AMERICA HAHA!
              ~~~~MENTAL HOSTILITY~~~~~
Okay, we started this band called "Mental Hostility" in November 2005.We dunno why the Hell we named it "Mental Hostility" But it's fun.We love it though.The lyrics are well...we  dunno.Just random things that we think up.
                ~~~~BAND MEMBERS!!~~~~~
Mike B. - Lead Guitar && Lead Vocals.
Dave V. - Back up Guitar && Back up Vocals
Jared P - Techno, background Lead.
Tiffany R - Drums, Techno back up, Piano Lead.
Which means you can't lable us.
Because we won't do it to you.
We "Hate you all equally" or what the fuck ever.
                 ~~~~SONGS WE'VE ACTUALLY RECORDED~~
                    1.Garage Band2005
                    2.Respect.(No instruments.)
                    3.Cursed Vision.
                    4.Living Machine.
                    5.We Will Stay.(Piano Only.)
No one's heard them yet.Except for my/our chorus teacher.Which the songs suck.NO ONE'S HEARD "We Will Stay."
Only because we're not sure WTF we're doing with it yet.
We love music.Can't you tell?We cuss like sailors too!!
We love cartoons rock.
Dave V. - Taken By The Man He Loves, Thomas.
Mike B - Taken ByThe Woman Of His Dreams, Darcie.
Jared - Taken By Brittany.
Tiffany R. - Taken By The Love Of Her Life, Luke.
So haha.We're all taken.

We personally MAIL our CD's to people.
We don't wanna become famous.
We love music.
We don't care if you don't like ours.
We don't either.
We still love you though.
We dislike being mean/rude to people.
But we will be if we have to.
So don't f*ck with us.

If you have any thoughts sites better or any suggestions please don't hesitate to E-Mail me at :::: TiffanyRoseRoberts@hotmail.com :::
 I will e-mail you back . But, I have one consern.To all of you people who think it's funny to waste your time and my time by sending me hate mail and such.Don't. I have a lot of e-mails to go through.It takes time to e-mail back.
I have about 87 e-mails right now.
So yeah, don't waste your time on chain letters&&hatemail.
GUESS WHAT........
        Please and thank you,
Tiffany Roberts.