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Untill We Meet(On The Other Side)
I've made my mistakes
My time has come
I'm sick of it all
Why won't it stop?
I don't have a life
I'm just another screwed-up
My mind is now an open book
My heart is now an open wound
My life is now an open soul for all to see
I will die with my name
And people thinking I'm a bad kid
I wish I could tell people how I feel
Instead of keeping it all inside
My emotions stay silent
I don't know who to trust
Or who to turn to
I'm sick of it all but,
When my time has come
Will they remember?
Will they cry?
Will they find out I was already dead?
Will they move on?
It's hard to sleep
I can't help but to think the worst
Maybe if you were to give me a chance
I'll never say I hate but,
I'm low on faith
My heart is an open wound
My mind is an open book
My life is an open soul for all to see
And remember...
We will be waiting on the other side...
(Because of personaly issuse we can not say who wrote that poem)

"I'm Already Dead."
I can't keep doing this
I can't go on in this way
Not today.
I told you I was gone
But you're too strong
We're growing old
But not growing up
You never want to talk about the past
But, there's a secret I can't hide
I never thought I'd have to tell you
I'm already dead
Inside my head
You killed me in my sleep
With the words you never speak
I'm already dead!!
I'm blind and deaf
You're all over me
suffocating me so sweetly
So...I'm already dead!  
(Verse two)
The ground shakes when we walk
There's thunder when we talk
 Does it have to be this way?(Nobody will know)
Is everything a game?
And, do you always ahve to win?
I'm not worth anything to you.(And you're my Father, you're my brother.)
And I can't be anything for anyone.
(And you're my mother, you're my sister)
I can't exscape the feeling that I'm done
With everything I'll ever do that means a thing to anyone(BECAUSE..)
(Double Chorus)(Breakdown/intro guitar solo) (Girl & boy sing part)
There's no way out of this
You're a boy and I'm a girl
(You're a girl and I'm a boy)
So sick and tired now of everything
You keep coming back to this
You're a boy and I'm a girl
(You're a girl and I'm a boy)
So sick and tired now of everything...
(Reapeat 1 chours 3 times..)
Yes yes, this is a song written by Tiffany Roberts and Sean Danials.

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