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Do you feel like your like is a dark endless abyss?
Like you will never stop falling,
And problems will never stop drawling from out of the warmness of Hell?
Do you feel like God doesn't hear you,
If he's not hear you?
If he's near
It's not clear
Because your eye are full of tainted tears?
Like is dying
And justifying death
Death is satisfying
More than just defying breathe.
How can one help me,
Wehn he just suplies a test?
How can out judge me
When there's not a normal life left..
Yes, that is infact a poem written by Tiffany Roberts and ***** *.
We cannot display the others writters name because of personal problems

My Heart
My heart is a wound
That hasn't had time to heal
The pain was surreal
My life is a living hell thanks to you
You will never knwo what you put me through
I hope you're happy with yourself
I can't trust anyone because of the damage you have done to me
I was hoping we'd stay together
Happy and joyful
But you ruined it all
From inside, and outside
Thanks to you,
I have lost my joy and pride...
Tiffany Roberts wrote that poem after her EX boyfriend...

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