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"Within Me" and "My Heart "

Okay,We got the idea that, if we don't want people to plagerise our work, we should make a warning lable on each page.PLEASE DO NOT PLAGERISE OUR WORK!!PLEASE DO NOT COPY OUR WORK!!Thank you.

I don't write pop music
My very first pop song
Most of my thoughts are more than three minutes long
I think I'll have to sellout
To write pop music
Maybe have a couple of pop songs 
I could write about how much I loved you
How I could never let you go
Crap like "We could always be together"
To watch the rogalties grow
You could sing like Michael Bolton
While I would make the video
Kids could use this as a poem theam
Yeah, you never really know
Or I could really let come aganst show
My Mom would be so proud
How my life will turn out
How I'd love to e a music star
With all the money and clout
But, it don't mean a thing
Yeah, I've got a lot of anger
I've got to let it out
You could hear me on the radio
My Mom would be so proud
That I've finally made somethign on my life
Hoping someone, would turn it up loud
But if you hate me in the morning
Get off my cloud
I'm writing pop music
And make no one proud
Yes yes, that is my very first song I wrote.Tiffany Roberts(I) wrote that about a year ago.So ya..

Within Me
Water flows
Hate shows
Deep within, my soul cries
Look at me
Past my scared face
Can you see
Into this sad place?
Knowing not where I belong
Hurt fades
As you slowly kill me
Never afraid
As blood drips from your knife
This poem was written by Tiffany Roberts and ****** *.
We cannot name the other writter at the moment.

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-Tiffany Roberts