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"Emotions" and "Go Away"

Alrighty, it's November 08-2005.We have a few older poems we will show you all today.

Hullo.Please don't plagerise/copy our poems and songs.Some of us work really hard on them, or write them because of stress.I would not like it if I have to shut down this site because of people plagerising.It's against the law.Don't do it.

"Emotions"(A song)
What do I do?
I keep all my emotions locked inside
I started to think life was a lie
Will someone help me?
'Cause, it's gone too far
I have a lot of things running through my head.
Can someone help me??
Can anyone save me??
I'm locked inside this endless pattern
Locked inside my head.
(Verse 2)
I'm sitting here
Thinkign about all the stuff we've done
We thought it was okay to do
We were young
Now we're older
Regreting the past
Hoping we were good kids
Hopign to do anything to make this right again
Can someoen help me??
Can anyone save me??
I'm locked inside this pattern
Stuck inside my head
Tiffany Roberts and Nicole wrote this song.

"Go Away!!"
Go away, go away
Go,go,go away!!
Leave me alone!(Alone alone alone)
I don't like you
I never liked did
Why can't you understand that?!?
Well get used to me not talking to you anymore
And now I don't have to put up with your crap anymore!!
I don't think you ever liked me,
I don't really care.
You are just a jerk anyways,
You were never my father!!
Just because you married my mother,
But sorry, bub, But, you're not my real father..So..
I don't want to see you ever again!!
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-Tiffany Roberts