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Words We Couldn't Say" and "Nobody Cares"

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Words That We Couldn't Say

We couldn't say them
now we just pray them
words that we couldn't say and now its just all fun and games people pay
Scratch it, paint it
one in the same

we couldn't find them
we tried to hide them
words that we couldn't say
it hurts don't it fools on parade
taint , own it
Chase it away

We couldn't make them
we had to break them
Words that we couldn't say
sometimes baby
we make mistakes
Dark and hazy
prices we pay

Words that couldn't say...
Some word that we couldn't say
might have got you all tied up
and there's no escape...

Dreaming.... before i knew it...
the Dream was over...
Did i just wake....
or was I always Dreaming...?
A dream.... what if it was all a dream...

Spike: am I just watching a bad dream...

nobody cares

I heard you on the phone

how angry I was

I wrote this song in my head

Nobody cares

You dont care

Nobody cares

I could run away

And no one would care

Try to stop me

See if I care

Try to talk to me

Yeah, you dont care

I gave you my trust

Then you turned your back

I dont even care


Nobody cares

You dont care

Nobody cares

I could runaway

Nobody would care

This is my final verse

I'm sick of life

I'm sick of you

'Cause you're full of shit

So listen to this

(nobody cares)!!!!!

You were my boyfriend

My savior my leader my friend

Now you see why I'm pissed

You'd be to if I didnt care

Nobody cares

You dont care

Nobody cares

I will runawy

'Cause nobody cares

(repeat 3x )



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