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"Within Me" and "My Heart "
"Emotions" and "Go Away"
"Leave Me Be" and "Fights"
Words We Couldn't Say" and "Nobody Cares"
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Okay, this web site is about mine and my friends poems.I will try to edit the site often.Please excuse any grammar, spelling mistakes and so on.

Alrighty, first of all,we would like it if our veiwers of our web site do NOT plagerise our ideas.We are simpley kids with great minds of music.If we find out our poems and/or songs have or will be plagerised, we will delete the site for further notice.Yes.We are acctually trusting others to read our poems,thoughts,songs,feelings,so on and so forth.We won't apreciate it if you come up to us in school or on the street starting with us.We have very little patience with ignorance.We don't like it one bit.Please be respectful for it.And for those of you who will and/or have E-Mailed me.I've already recived two hate letters about it.If you hate our work that much.and you "don't care" for it.Why bother E-mailing me?It wastes mine AND your time.Just remember.I do and will E-mail everyone and everything I get E-mailed to me.I have atleast four web sites up and running per day.Lots of e-mails.And, for you haters...If you do not care about it.You're wrong by e-mailing me.E-miling me stuff saying "You all suck.I hope you all burn in Hell." shows you do care by the effection you're giving us.Sorry people.Not going to happen.Oh and..It's MY e-mail you all e-mail to.We all read it though.I don't have the time nor the patience to read stupid stuff like that.Don't bother with it.And..If I do know you.And you do e-mail me with serious stuff.Say it to my face.Be brave.Unless, you're afraid.
                             -Tiffany Roberts

I have a little problem with people saying "Oh my gosh that is so emo." or "You Emo kids..Get a life." No.We don't apreciate it at all.You may think what you want, we have no problem with that.WE ARE NOT EMO!!WE DO NOT LABLE OURSELVES OR OTHERS!!Please make a note of that.

If you have any ideas on how to make our web sites better or any suggestions please don't hesitate to E-Mail me at :::: TiffanyRoseRoberts@hotmail.com :::
I will not e-mail you back with a "Thank you." I will e-mail you back with a sophisticated e-mail.

Hello.This web site will be about mine and my friends poems.I would respect it if you did not copy/plagerise any of our poems.Thank you

-Tiffany Roberts