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What To Do If You FInd Out About Child Abuse.

Child abuse if very serious.From a little hit, to a torturous beating.It's still as bad.If you witness anyone being abused,or if you're being abused, tell someone right away.And if you're the one abusing people---STOP! It's cruel.And I'm sure you wouldn't like it if you were being abused.

Child abuse usually comes from the past.If someone has had a rough childhood, or was abused themselves, they could grow up to abuse their kids, and so on.If so, you need to tell someone.It's wrong, and unacceptable.Try and talk to the person about why he/she is abusing someone.And get them help.It's never too late.

Put it in your perspective, if someone was hurting you, emotional and or physical.You'd want someone to help you.You could be the person to help some nine(9) year old kid.You could be a hero in their eyes.It's never too late.

You can always help, in any way.You can contact child services if someone's abusing you, or their child, or someone else's child.Abuse leaves emotional and physical scars for the rest of their life.For the abuser, and the one being abused.

Child abuse can lead to death and or suicide.It's very serious.Like I said, it doesn't matter if it's just one hit.It'll get worse.child abuse effects everyone around the abuser, and person/child being abused.

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