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"Leave Me Be" and "Fights"

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"Leave Me Be!!"
Leave me alone,
Leave me be,
Your mouth says you love me,
But your eyes says you hate me,
Don't try and deny it.
Just say the truth.
I knwo you hate me, nothing new
You tour everythign apart
Or is it all my fault?
I think I've heard it all before
You might act like you love me
But deep down, it feels like you don't
Although my hands are shaking
I lie perfectly still
I'm writing another wordles poem
 We all say stuff we don't mean,
But it still hurts,
It's always in my mind.
Wondering if it's true.
I'm told stuff everyday.
You think I hate life?
I don't,
I would never hate such a thing
This blue binder is my exscape
It holds my feelings
I'll die with my name and my peoms at my side..
But you know what?
Fuck you!I made my own plans
I've got respect, and I don't neglect,
People that I really care to protect
Am I a faliure?
If I got nothin' to loose.
NO!I'm not a faliure.
I've got something to prove
I todl you before
I won't listen anymore
Come on, lets settle this score
By:Tiffany and Jenn

As another day goes by
Another fight takes flight
It's really getting confuseing,
Do I go on in this way?
Why do people fight?
What if we were all just, never angery?
I'm sick of it all
And I know you're all sick of me
You think we're a failure,
wich isn't true
I could fix this all
Just with one word
I could go away
Never to return
Make you all happy
This poem was written by Tiffany and Sean.


          Heh,I suck at skateboarding. 

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